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About 17th Shape

17th Shape is a captivating puzzle game that takes the popular mechanics of 2048 and adds a unique twist with geometric shapes. Instead of combining numbered tiles, players merge shapes to create more complex ones, aiming to reach the 17th shape. The game involves sliding tiles in any direction using arrow keys or swipe gestures on touchscreens. Each time two identical shapes merge, they form a new shape, progressively increasing in complexity​.

The game also features two power-ups that enhance the gameplay experience. One power-up allows players to regroup similar shapes in adjacent positions, making it easier to combine them. The other power-up lets players reshuffle the board when no more moves are available, providing a strategic element to the game. Players have a limited number of these power-ups, which adds an extra layer of challenge and planning​​.

17th Shape is designed to be both engaging and educational, making it a great choice for puzzle enthusiasts and those looking for a mental challenge. The game’s intuitive controls and progressive difficulty ensure that players remain entertained as they strive to reach the final shape. With its colorful graphics and satisfying gameplay, 17th Shape offers endless replayability and a sense of accomplishment with each new shape achieved.